Rye Field Model 5114 Leopard 2A6 Captured Version with T-80 Wheels in Moscow

As a person who visited the exhibition of captured weapons on Poklonnaya Hill,

I couldn’t pass up the new kit from Rye Field Model. But I didn’t pass!

The set is almost completely identical to the 5065 set, even the instructions are included from it (you can look at Scalemates),

just another double-sided sheet has been added to it,

which shows the process of assembling tower screens from an additional photo-etched board,

as well as the installation of skating rinks,

which, as everyone knows, on the original were replaced with rollers from the T-80 tank. As a Russian major general said: “His caterpillar tracks did not rotate. There was a problem with the transmission. We had to use creative methods, blow up the tracks, evacuate the vehicle on the road wheels, and then evacuate the tracks.”

It should be noted that the company provides rollers on both sides, although on the prototype they are completely replaced on one side and partially on the other.

At the same time, it’s nice that the original condition of the hubs was taken into account: some with a cover, some without.

Plus, this set includes a decal from another “Limited Edition”.

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