Motomir Vyacheslav Sheyanov (Samara)

Near Samara, in a very inconvenient place in terms of accessibility (two hours by minibus from the railway station or more than $ 10 by taxi), in the village with the romantic name of Petra Dubrava, there is a wonderful museum “Vyacheslav Sheyanov’s Motor World”

The entrance to the hangar is indicated by such an original sign

Souvenir booth in the lobby

and several stands with small things

But that’s all, pardon the pun, trifles. But when you enter the hangar!

eyes run in different directions.

I have never been a motorcyclist, but I was impressed.

Motorcycles stand on large stands with a clearly readable name. Each unit is on the flag of its country, which greatly facilitates navigation.


Some exhibits are missing and it’s sad. Rubber pans under the engines clearly indicate that the exhibits are in good working order.

Such a request is duplicated on the stands in such an original interpretation (Text: “Don’t even think about it!!!”)

An exhibit was placed near the entrance, work on which is still in progress,

Despite the fact that this is a motorcycle museum, it begins with cars.

On one side of the entrance – a couple from the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition GAZ-67 and Dodge ¾


On the other hand, a couple from the Axis countries: the German Steyer 1500A, which is very interesting to me and therefore I examined it in detail, and the Italian Fiat SPA TL 37, which I see for the first time.


To be continued…

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