Kubinka. № 1 Heavy tanks and self-propelled guns of the USSR.

When you walk into this pavilion you are immediately blown away! No, not from that.

Main publication:

Kubinka. Introduction.

From this too, but a little later. But from this:

The very first pavilion of the best armored museum immediately dots all the “i”, showing that the army has the most important thing!

And then, on a “full” stomach, we go to look further.

But I was so enchanted with the IS-7 that I forgot to take a photo of the sign. Sorry.

Having reached the wall, we look back – with great pleasure we survey the path we have traveled,

and we head back.

And “Tyul’pan” left without a sign! Slob.

PS. It’s a difficult task to sort through three hundred files in a heap of one and a half thousand. If I made a mistake, then excuse me, point out the mistake – I will correct it. The same applies to subsequent photo galleries, so as not to write every time.

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