Iron horses. Part 2 “Motoworld Vyacheslav Sheyanov” (Samara)

Right at the entrance, shading the appearance of the cars, there is a super-duper Czech motorcycle Böhmerland 600cc. I confess, as from the entrance my mouth opened in surprise, so I went past him and did not take a picture. But I can’t leave you without his photo, so I present a photo from the museum’s website

Since I have never been a motorcycle rider, moreover, there are never any motorcyclists among my relatives and the closest social circle, I will stupidly start the review with domestic classic-looking motorcycles.

And the first of them will be – the very first of them: “Red October” L-300

Not far from it is the first Soviet heavy motorcycle PMZ-A-750 of a brutal look and an unusual, for me personally, coloring for a domestic motorcycle.

It was only later that I realized that the coloring is the most typical, because the average motorcycle TIZ-AM-600 is painted almost the same way

Sports bikes are next.

The phrase on the plate that the M-52C was not inferior to the best BMW models smoothly translates us to German motorcycles.

The museum gives you the opportunity to go through the chronological series of BMW motorcycles.

And on an offensive note that the domestic motorcycle industry cannot reach the heights of German production 80 years ago, let’s move on to other German brands, the names of which I hear for the first time.

Such an abundance of chrome and shine destroys my personal myth about the utilitarian and “gray” German technology. Although

brings him back again.

The Swedes, like the northerners, have a calm matte color.

Although, most likely, it’s just a motorcycle of the war period.

Denmark, a little further south, but everything sparkles with it!

Austria, as a neighbor and like-minded person of Germany, picked up the color to match, but glossy

France, it’s so… France!

Obviously from those times the advertising slogan: “Gillette – there is no better for a man!”. And indeed.

The Italians have long been flaunting motorcycles from Gucci!

Oh, no – from Guzzy! But they still flaunt.

The British left me indifferent. They didn’t disappoint, but they didn’t impress either.

I liked the Americans with their military motorcycles. Cowboys they are cowboys, at least on horseback, even on Harleys.

If you have the impression that I was running around the rows blinded by the brilliance of chrome and varnish, then you … will be absolutely right.

But this is the first round and part of the second. Then I started to look around.

Then you will notice the cardan drive, instead of the usual chain

Zundapp KS 600, 1941
Nimbus 750

Or the text on the plate will draw your attention to the ingenious rear suspension

ReneGillet Type H 350, 1932
Gilera Mart(solo), 1946

Harley-Davidson XA has solid wheel rims. All with knitting needles, and he has solid ones. The Dane has some kind of engine that is not a motorcycle. Well, and so on.

And here’s what’s next and then we’ll see.

To be continued..

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