Workhorses. Part 3 “Motoworld Vyacheslav Sheyanov” (Samara)

And now we will talk about motorcycles with sidecars.

If motorcycles without sidecars were considered geographically, then for these we will arrange a beauty contest. Yes, I agree, on the contrary, it would be more expected, but who said that expectations come true.

And the winner of our competition will be … a motorcycle from Germany

Beautiful girl!

A blond from America would fit in a couple,

but we have an individual competition, so the second place goes to the representative of Switzerland

The third place was shared by the red-black representatives of Austria,

Great Britain,

and France.

awards will be presented by a prim three-wheeled Briton with a car engine

And the audience award goes to Germany: blue in color, but not in essence

The distinguished jury is ready to carefully listen to alternative opinions and … not to pay attention to them.

And although the contest is over and the winners are determined … let’s continue our beauty contest. Just beauty is different. When I first saw the current James Bond, I said “Fi!”.

And now nothing, I looked closely. Yes, and the girls in the films continue to fall in love with him.

So what’s next the competition of manly motorcycles!

I would give the first place to the American

Maybe it’s just the charm of the police uniform.
Second place would be divided between German and Russian

Third place would be given to the French


I want to warn you right away that motorcycles with trailers are out of competition. And this is a couple of representatives of Germany

and one from Switzerland

The Japanese have completely dropped out of the competition program. They themselves are to blame – they have sidecars on the other side!

And, like an island nation, all strollers are shaped like boats.

The English are also islanders, but their sidecars are not in the shape of boats.

Very close to the Belgian tradition

Although the French also have boats

And the Americans are the same

Although strictly geographically – they are also an island. Only big. Huge.

The Italians generally vouchsafed: a stroller with two soft armrests.

To be continued …

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