Freaks. Part 4 “Motoworld Vyacheslav Sheyanov” (Samara)

In ancient Sparta, ugly children were thrown off a cliff, and in our time, ugly motorcycles are put in a museum. And although they are ugly, they are still beautiful and, at least, interesting.

In order not to immediately shock the venerable public, I will start with a fairly well-known sample.

The English landing motorcycle should be fairly well known to a wide range of modelers, at least because there are several of its prefabricated models.

I started with him because, although he is small, he looks very much like his big brothers. What can not be said about further exhibits.

If some kind of platform on spoked wheels is attached to the back of the motorcycle, then such a tricycle is still recognizable and easily correlates with motorcycles.

As this same trolley grows, the product becomes less and less like a motorcycle,

and more and more on a artillery tractor,


or even a bus

Walking along this line of transformations, you will no longer be surprised by the fire engine

But a simple increase in the number of wheels will not surprise anyone. A more radical approach is needed.

The German Kettenkraftrad looks like a motorcycle only because of the presence of a steering wheel, but due to its wide representation in the world of scale models, it is recognizable among modellers

But this is not the only representative of the motorcycle community on tracks. Remember the British landing motorcycle? And how do you like his French relative?

And after that, you’re like, “I’ve seen everything!”. But never say never.

The museum has a very rich and spectacular trilingual official website.


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