Kubinka №2 Armor power of the Urals.

This year I was able to visit the museum in Kubinka again and take photographs of the previously missed pavilion No. 2 “Combat Power of the Urals,” which is dedicated to tanks produced at the Ural military factories. So I would like to close this topic this year.
Kubinka greeted me with New Year’s landscapes. Although this was a month ago.

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Kubinka. Introduction.

But the pavilions are warm and light.

After exploring a small exhibition of tank rollers

let’s take the left side

I really liked this self-propelled gun – I’ll have to assemble it.

Damn! And this one too.

Previously, I either did not come across or did not pay attention to a device to prevent water from entering the exhaust system.

Well, we have reached the end of the pavilion, i.e. we looked through half of the exhibits. We can, with a feeling of satisfaction, look back at the path we have traveled from all sides.

And evaluate the prospect.

And go on the way back.

Already on the right side, which looks like the left from here.

Even with a transparent plate, but it doesn’t do much good.

In compensation for this, the engine was shown separately.

Now this museum has been completely examined!

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