Kubinka. No. 6 Monsters of the Wehrmacht. US armored vehicles.

If in previous pavilions I did not divide equipment into subtypes, but simply wandered either clockwise or counterclockwise, now I will sort them out by country. It’s just too lazy to explain now why the Wehrmacht and US equipment ended up in the same pavilion, but later it will become so clear. And these reasons are not even political at all.

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Kubinka. Introduction.

According to tradition, having cast a glance ahead, we will go there too.

You can even get inside. But not always, but only after lunch.

We somehow quickly reached the edge of USA!

Let’s go in the opposite direction.

If space permits, then the number of angles increases. This pavilion has a lot of space. Maybe for future exhibits.

Let’s see what monstrous things the Wehrmacht has? For starters, a little monster.

With a photo of this “sweet couple” it will become clear why they were left in the same place where they had stood for almost 80 years. It’s impossible to move them! Our ancestors found the opportunity and desire to drag them here from Germany, but their descendants clearly became lazy.

They didn’t even bother to lift them when pouring the new floor.

The different camouflage of the hull and turret once again emphasizes that this particular tank is a hodgepodge of two.

Well, the last monster in this zoo.

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