Kitography “Horse in the mirror scale 1/35”

As I wrote in the preface: “After a long break, I present to you the next edition of the series “In the Mirror on a scale of 1/35”. Its subject was not cars and tanks, but… horses. After all, they were the main means of military and civil mechanization for millennia.”

If you don’t ask: “Why horses, why horses?”, then I won’t tell you where to go. I just wanted it that way!

Well, there are not only horses, but also carts, carts, horsemen, plows, sleighs and so on.

Just the right volume for warming up. Well, maybe a little more than we wanted: 269 products from 92 manufacturers on fifty pages.

At first I wanted to switch to a neutral military-political cover design, but then I decided to leave the theme of Soviet pre-war posters.

Well, all this is on my second website, in the “Figures” section.

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