Stands for models

When a model simply stands on a wooden or glass shelf, it loses some of its charm. It’s immediately clear that this is a toy and not a small real tank. But making good, thematic foundations is lazy, because this is a separate and lengthy task.

I recently purchased some printed coasters. HobbyWord is listed as a Spanish company, but I only found them for sale in the USA. There I bought a few pieces to try.

Size 210 by 148 mm: half a sheet of paper (A5).

These two are sort of three-dimensional: you bend them in the middle and you get the basis and perspective.

They have dimensions of 175 by 250 mm and are intended for 1/72 scale, but I think for small cars in 1/35 it will be suitable.
As you can see: this is not exactly a masterpiece, but with them the model looks much better.

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