Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Spring 2022. Exposition update.

I made the previous series of reports based on the results of my visit in September 2021. And now, after 8 months, I am again in this museum. I already noted earlier that this museum is like a living organism: it lives, develops, so I want to show you the new exhibits that have appeared in the museum during this time. Moreover, I will not tell you about the whole museum, but only about the open exposition. First of all, and that’s a lot. And secondly, getting into the pavilions on a day off on the eve of May 9 is difficult, but possible, but it’s no longer possible to clearly examine the exposition. This is generally the first and last time I came to the museum on a day off!

Since this is on the eve of Victory Day, then of course all Soviet armored vehicles of the Great Patriotic War period flaunt fresh

The contrast with last year’s state is clearly visible in this exhibit

As a matter of fact, the technique still continued to be tinted

At the same time, they also painted rocket artillery.

Maybe planned.

Not far from the entrance I found a 210-mm cannon BR-17. From the explanatory plate it became clear that it was transferred from the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

A very monumental structure!

And it seems that before there was no 130-mm anti-aircraft gun KS-30

Remember, I talked about the new hall on the ground floor of the building “Museum of Military Equipment” in the hope that the exposition will increase? Not all dreams come true, they made a planetarium there.

An interesting thing, of course, but not for me and not here.

But a small platform appeared with German armored vehicles and artillery.

The girl from one of the previous reportage did finish painting the Myasishchevsky M-4,


not far from which Tu-134 ready for painting was found (poor girl!)

and behind him – another candidate for the restoration of the An-12

And he’s not alone in this line

As far as I understand, summer is the season for outdoor work. As each of us, in the process of assembling a model, lays sprues, parts, subassemblies on the table, so here it is all laid out, but only in real

And you are like a little inch – you walk on this table!

To be continued …

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