Kubinka. No. 4 Armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

In the middle of the journey, you no longer feel hungry, but not yet full. And you already boldly cross the threshold of the next pavilion.

Main publication:

Kubinka. Introduction.

The mirrored nature of the entrance also dictates the mirrored nature of the bypass – clockwise, keeping your head to the left.

I don’t know how to proceed, but the beginning is in chronological order.

To understand the extent of the changes in the museum, I will show you a photo of the same armored car from 2015.

Rated? And now they simply warn you that you shouldn’t climb. And touch it as much as you want!

Moving on.

And yet, I got confused and missed one of this family.

Another reason to visit again and correct yourself.

As always, let’s rest halfway and look back

and let’s move on.

I already forgot in which documentary about domestic armored vehicles there was a story about a competition on the concept of a future infantry fighting vehicle. Among the contenders were: wheeled product, wheeled-tracked, tracked-wheeled and fully tracked. So, all the characters in this are here, standing in a row.

And everyone already knows which concept won.

Museum workers would not be themselves if they had not placed exhibits of a slightly different focus in the hangar. And if the BMP driver mechanic simulator still fits into the theme,

but the M-5 aircraft engine – no.

Even taking into account the fact that it was installed on BT-5 tanks. The name and theme of the pavilion are not tanks.

And, traditionally, a farewell look back.

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