PE for Churchill Mk.III

Terry Ashley at one time quite well and exhaustively reviewed the etching kits for the l AFV CLUB 35153 Churchill Mk.III British Infantry Tank

from VoyagerModel PE35171 WWII British Churchill Mk.III Infantry Tank (For AFV CLUB 35153) and PE35172 WWII British Churchill Mk.III Infantry Tank Fenders (For AFV CLUB 35153).

It was foolish to repeat them. But it would also be foolish not to show PE from other manufacturers for the same model. Moreover, these same “other manufacturers” do not have the habit of posting product images and instructions for it.

Let’s start with the E.T. Model C35-006 WWII British Churchill MK.III

Set contains two yellow metal frames

And a corporate identity instruction on branded green paper A4

And one more set from Orange Hobby G35-011 Churchill MkIII

It contains two core frames

with instructions on both sides of the A4 half

Another frame is most likely universal, since it does not contain a set index

and has a separate instruction

In addition, the set contains a package with an antenna, a tube and chiseled smoke bombs.

Of all this, including native etching

With a significant amount of perseverance and patience, you can get something like this

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