Museum of Railway Engineering of the West Siberian Railway (Novosibirsk)

In November 2018, being a 5-hour transit in Novosibirsk, I decided to visit one of the museums there. The choice fell on the Museum of Railway Engineering named after N.A. Akulinin of the West Siberian Railway

An hour by taxi one way and I am there.

A typical model of the Cherepanov steam locomotive on one side of the entrance

And symmetrically to it, the narrow-gauge steam locomotive of the Borzig plant against the background of a younger, but larger, brother

I already lamented the difficulties of winter walking in open areas

difficult to walk between exhibits

And even where you come up, you won’t really consider

because everything is in the snow and you can’t see the design features,

which is a shame, because there are many unique exhibits. Like this design for transporting molten iron – count the wheels

And what is interesting, in snowy conditions, it is the snow removal equipment that attracts attention.

A purely Russian reflex to snow?

And also the desire to enter the premises: even in a passenger carriage of the cheapest class

or even in a prison carriage

If we add to this that there is still a significant auto-tractor part, completely closed in winter,

I have to admit that I didn’t really see this museum. Plus the time pressure between flights.

So expect a rerun

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