Museum of Ancient Equipment and Tools (Nizhny Novgorod)

Completion of the previous story about the museum in Vladivostok, inspired by the memory of his similarity in Nizhny Novgorod.

Officially it is called the Technical Museum, unofficially – the Museum of Ancient Equipment and Tools. The last name more fully reveals its essence. As I understand it, it is based on a private collection of the Khurtin family.


A selection of exhibits would be very strange if you miss the key: “old technology”. The exposition begins with wooden products

and wood machines

and slowly leads to almost modernity.

Most of the exposition is represented by all sorts of industrial products: machine tools,


and measuring instruments.

Some of the exhibits are touching,

and some make you shudder.

From such loudspeakers, Soviet people learned about the beginning of the war,

and they danced to the music from such gramophones after the end of the war.

And although I personally have not found such electronics anymore

but it was with such a lamp that I did my homework in elementary school.

In the hall of the museum fit “carriages” and a tractor

Outboard motors, which I come across for the first time in the museum, are nestled in a corner.

Not far from them are diving suits and antediluvian sewing machines.

And, as the seed for the next story, the fire pump

It may be somewhat chaotic (in the presentation and in the museum itself), but everyone will find here things of interest!

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