Fire-technical exhibition (Chelyabinsk)

Last week I visited the city of Chelyabinsk on a business visit. Of course – business by business, but I don’t forget about museums either. Due to the still sufficient winter weather, I had to exclude open areas from the wish list. After a thorough study of the list of attractions, I chose the Fire and Technical Exhibition.

At least because there was no such topic in the list of my visits. Well, plus, I hoped to find an answer there to a question posed to me at a foreign modeling forum about the color of pre-war Soviet fire extinguishers.

The exhibition is located in the city center and is easily identified from the outside by this sign


To the left of the entrance is a very worthy sculptural composition (the inscription: “Glory to the brave”).

The exhibition is located on the territory of the current fire station, so access is limited.

The entrance is framed by fire-fighting equipment, separated by a century-long gap.

The first thing that catches your eye inside is that the building is not adapted, but specially built!

thanks to one of the previous bosses and firefighting enthusiasts

The design of the museum has a strong spirit of developed socialism.

Luxurious stands, showcases with shiny goblets and hefty models of buildings give the spirit of the era.

I plunged right into my childhood.

To be continued…

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