Volga Region Museum of Railway Engineering. 2022. Part 2. (Samara)

Somehow I immediately ran to the steam, heat and electric locomotives, bypassing everything that was on the way. But there is else something to see.

It is simply impossible to drive past the museum with such a sign.

Text: “Museum of Railway Technology”

The station building is not a remake, but a transported original, slightly restored and adapted to modern realities. For example, there is a modern toilet.

Inside showcases and cabinets with exhibits common in such cases

In the niches of the central hall, the historical interiors of office premises (“Station duty officer”, “Baggage”) are reproduced.

and waiting room

We have so far completely ignored the wagons. For the most part, they are quite common for an ordinary person, but a rather interesting company has gathered here.

And if a pair of railway cisterns from the beginning and middle of the last century allows us to simply trace the development of the design of this type of car,

then the eight-axis giant is the culmination of their development.

I really love all kinds of railway mechanisms of a service nature: among them there are a lot of mysterious and awkward devices.

Some are similar in appearance and purpose to classic passenger transport vehicles.

The previous time, because of the snowdrifts, I could not get close to this flock of non-railway equipment.

Wheeled transport did not arouse much interest – I already know these cars well, but I did not have to meet this yellow monster.

Next to it, a corner of machine tools for various purposes was organized.

In the front of which they put the demitalized BTT-1 based on the ISU-122

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