Volga Region Museum of Railway Engineering. 2022 (Samara)

A little more than three years have passed and I again ended up in Samara. Of course, I found time to visit the Volga Region Museum of Railway Engineering, the first visit to which I have already told. And there he complained about the shortcomings of winter visits to open areas. I fully confirm the extreme obligation of summer visits to such museums.

Last time, these beauties somehow passed by the attention.

If the Cherepanovs steam locomotive against the background of the P36 steam locomotive is the entire chronology of the Russian-Soviet steam locomotive building,

then the steam locomotives of the ER, EA, L, LV series are its separate steps.

No, I saw them, but briefly! Maybe because he did not take his eyes off this green handsome ,

or maybe due to the fact that last time it was impossible to approach them because of snowdrifts.

Второе правило хождения по техническим музеям – это отсутствие случайных попутчиков, особенно гуманитарного склада ума.  Отвлекают они. Ну вот как таким объяснить, что каждый экспонат надо обойти вокруг, потрогать (если разрешено, если не разрешено – то тем более), должны быть тщательно рассмотрены его отдельные части и внимательно прочитана представленная информация. И это только по первому кругу. А их может быть несколько!

Well, how can you pass by such cuteness without admiring and stroking?

Hey, go away, fleabag! This is not about you! Cuties are these electric locomotives:


or Czechoslovakian.

And also electric trains: from the pre-war

from stagnant years

from the era of developed socialism.

Most likely, I fell in love with electric transport after Yekaterinburg.

The third rule of going to museums is a sufficient number of batteries for the camera and a full charge of the phone. From the first visit, I brought a little over fifty photographs, and some of them were taken by a humanitarian fellow traveler, whom I mentioned in the second rule. Now I was alone, but I took over 200 photos. But I still bought another (third) battery.

I can’t explain anything other than the lack of filming capacity for the presence of only one group photo of diesel locomotives from the previous visit.

Look how they improved

I could pass on shunting diesel locomotives because of their routine and familiarity.

Although the appearance of this baby is not familiar to me: it feels like a healthy bonneted truck was hit on the head, so much so that it went into the shoulders and only the windshield shines at the edges

To be continued…


PS Plates for exhibits are given only in Russian. If there is an additional request from an English-speaking audience, I will translate them. But this is laborious.

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