Takom vs HobbyBoss

There are two lines of T29 tank models: Takom and HobbyBoss. In such cases, I, and most likely everyone, is tormented by the question: “Have I taken the best set? What is interesting when getting married, such a question does not arise at all, but you clearly have not familiarized yourself with the entire model range.


I could not find a store that had both Takom and HobbyBoss models in stock at once, but on average, models from the first manufacturer cost almost one and a half to two times more.

I hope this material will help you in choosing a particular model.


In my analysis, I will rely on the experience of assembling the model from HobbyBoss and on the review of the model from Takom on the website moxingfans.

As practice shows, within the same model line, manufacturers adhere to the same principles and transfer a significant part of the plastic from set to set.

I will not compare the quality of the plastic, the fit of parts, historical accuracy, etc., this is only a conceptual comparison.

1. Takom has a slightly richer underside.

2. Caterpillars are semi-set

But full of traces from the pushers (this is not about drugs)ю.

As a cherry on the cake: on the Takom 2064 model

Tank tracks are assembled on a special conductor

With its help, the axles of the rollers are aligned

3. The top of the hull is given in two halves, while the entire engine plate is given in one detail.

grills turn out the same miserable.


4. Fenders are given as separate parts.

There is a cable and it is metal.


5. The gun mask can be assembled in two versions.

6. The lower part of the turret has the same texture as the upper.

7. The most important thing is that there are transparent parts!

Photo from the review “T29E3 U.S. Heavy Tank“.


8. There is no need to even talk about comparing decals.

9. There are casting numbers on the tower.

10. The “back of the head” of the turret is given as a separate detail.

11. And on trifles: a movable course machine gun, fuel tank necks are given as separate details, unnecessary attention was also paid to the inner sides of hatches, an interesting set of camouflage schemes, and a more elegant headlight guard.






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