Preparing for the parade on May 9, 2022. Yekaterinburg.

Taught by previous bitter experience, on May 9, I arrived at the place very early. I even managed to drink a cup of coffee in a round-the-clock drinking establishment. Damn, I already forgot that you can consume alcohol until the morning! What does age mean, but it used to be …

I must say that security measures have been significantly strengthened. So I managed to park half a kilometer from the previous parking spot. And this is good because, according to rumors, all cars in the closed area are taken out by tow trucks. Regardless of compliance with traffic rules.

A detachment of sappers with a attached dog handler constantly cruised along the location of the equipment.

They came across to me three times and this despite the fact that I did not track them on purpose. Until eight in the morning, there were no special restrictions. It was only later that policemen and military men in high ranks began to actively arrive. And now these have already put things in order.


First, wheeled vehicles arrived under their own power.

including period of the WWII and the early post-war.

Trailers with tracked armored vehicles followed, starting with the T-34

and so on in the list.

They all turned around at the nearest crossroads and lined up for unloading.

And if at the rehearsal I was “unloading” the self-propelled guns, then here I concentrated on the Terminator.

Slowly the hustle and bustle subsided

and all movement stopped.

It seems to me that at the rehearsal there were no trailers with banners.

(Text №1: The iron wind hit them in the face, and they went forward, and a feeling of superstitious fear seized the enemy: Did people go on the attack? Are they mortals?” Vasily Grossman“.

Text №2: “Great is Russia, but there is nowhere to retreat. Behind us is Moscow! Vasily Klochkov.

Text №3: “Everything for the front! Everything to win!”


The personnel, out of habit, brought the last gloss,

and the steel added to the voice of the police guards made me retreat. Making my way to freedom through four posts, I even began to fear that they would not let me out at some one. But nothing happened.

I didn’t go to the place of loading: I had already seen it and it was a long way to go. Yes, and in Verkhnyaya Pyshma I wanted to arrive earlier.

I must say that I was extremely pleased with the trip. On the next May 9, I will definitely go to some other city. A friend highly recommended Volgograd, he says there is no such atmosphere anywhere else. Every year they specially come there with a company.

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