Rehearsal for the 2022 parade. Yekaterinburg.

It’s no secret that the parade is preceded by a rehearsal, or even more than one. The last dress rehearsal of the military parade in 2022 in Yekaterinburg took place on May 7. If the previous rehearsals took place in the evening, then this last one – in the afternoon. This introduced an element of uncertainty into the schedule of the event. And, such a sadness, when I arrived at the place, the wheeled vehicles had already taken their pre-launch positions, and the unloading of the tracked vehicles was in full swing. Someone has already been unloaded

someone else was in the process

The synchronous unloading of self-propelled guns is a very impressive sight, even from a not entirely successful angle – partly against the sun

but special people in uniform put military interests above my personal ones and did not allow me to move freely.

MSTA in size – a small caterpillar cottage! Personally, I am fascinated by this machine

and I look forward to the moment when I start to assemble her model.

Gradually, the technique lined up according to the sequence of passage:

from the period of the WWII and post-war

up to modern models of technology

A distinctive feature from last year’s action was the photographs on the equipment: not WWII veterans, but heroes of a special military operation

Since the events stopped and I already looked at everything in this territory (where it was possible to penetrate), I decided to move to the finishing stage.

As it turned out, it was a wise decision: before the start of the movement, the guards were not yet everywhere and were quite liberal. Then already where I passed, it would be impossible to pass.

On the way, I looked with great pleasure at the marching columns of various types of troops.

In the same place as last year, a tractor on a trailer was found

Less camouflaged, but just as unclaimed. And thank God!


At the final stage, after passing the parade, wheeled retro vehicles drove past me.

Tracked vehicles went to the place of loading

In the kit for unloading the self-propelled guns, with great pleasure and in close proximity, I also observed the reverse procedure.

And all this column went to the place of deployment

in compliance with the rules of the road

I must say that the rehearsal of the parade brought me much more impressions and positive emotions than last year’s parade here. I think that this is a general trend, but in order to test it, I have planned a visit to the rehearsal of the parade in St. Petersburg on the Day of the Navy.

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