Center “Cosmonautics and Aviation”, VDNH Pavilion No. 34 “Cosmos”

Finding Pavilion No. 34 “Cosmos” is very easy – only there is such a landmark near it.

Although this is a layout, it is made in full size.

Another such rocket is in Samara. They say that there is a real rocket, not a mock-up. It may very well be that they are made in this city.

Inside the pavilion is simply huge and the whole space is filled with various rocket and space devices.

Basically, these are mock-ups, but life-size.

Among which there are really very significant constructions,

including available for visiting.

You might think that there is a bust with layouts, but how else to demonstrate a device sent into space? For example, interplanetary probes and descent vehicles.

In general, the rockets are very large so that they can be shown in full size.

There is only one way out: scaling!

And for the demonstration of Russian spaceports, there is no other way and it is impossible!

There is one area of cosmonautics that can be demonstrated in original products – these are various kinds of control devices. All instruments flying in space left their twins on Earth so that, if necessary, specialists could simulate the problem and provide the astronauts with a ready-made recipe for eliminating it.

There is a traditional souvenir shop at the exit.

here with such, technically unconventional, models.

There are no foreigners now, but a Russian person will not buy such a thing. Maybe children? But the prices are not childish…

By the way! If you are the owner of children under and middle school age, then this institution is simply a must to visit! In addition to everything that I showed you, there are places directly sharpened for them.

And that’s just inside! There are a lot of interesting things to see and do out there. But the best time to visit is in the summer.

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