Museum of Technology Vadim Zadorozhny.

15 years since the founding of one of the largest and most remarkable Russian technical museums is a good occasion for a story about the Vadim Zadorozhny Museum of Technology.

I have been to this museum several times and will be again, but still it will not be enough.

On my first visit, I was shocked by the surreal sight of the employees directing the exit from the wash of some large Mercedes with a blonde behind the wheel, protecting its body from colliding with the bumper of a pre-war armored car standing next to it in the yard.

I must say that such a hodgepodge of times and peoples has remained a feature of this particular museum. And this is not surprising: the museum was formed and located on the territory of an auto repair enterprise.


Although sometimes there you don’t really understand: where is the exhibit, and where is the car being serviced.

But then you get used to it and you are no longer surprised. But not for long, only before the entrance to the building.

And although it says “Автомобили и мотоциклы” (Cars and motorcycles) inside there is not only motorcycles and cars. But you will see this only when you get used to the gleam of chrome, the shine of the headlights and the reflection of the hoods.

If you did not suffer from strabismus, then you will, your eyes here really scatter in different directions. But if you used to be cross-eyed, now correct yourself – they (the eyes) also really gather in a heap!

There are a lot of exhibits here that do not reflect light, but significantly attract attention. Both in terms of design and year of manufacture.

There is even such a small corner dedicated to domestic jet technology.

The second floor – the kingdom of motorcycles!

With a little interspersed with motor scooters,

Oh, and bikes are not forgotten.

There are also more unexpected inclusions. How do you like these fenced areas of the Luftwaffe

and the Wehrmacht?

However, there are both American and Soviet “occupation” zones here,


on the border of which there is a unique opportunity to compare the two heroes of military impassability.

There are no less unusual and picturesque corners of various themes.

Recently there was even a corner of the railway theme.

Here you have a unique opportunity to look at the planes from top to bottom.

However, you can do it from the usual angle.

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