Museum of Technology of Vadim Zadorozhny. Part 2.

Near the building, in its entire length, in two columns under a canopy, there is equipment from the period of the Great Patriotic War (ours) and World War II (Lend-Lease and German).

It is here that the tanks are very close to each other. Although further is already much more spacious.

Further, the exposition continues with columns of more modern equipment: ground – on the one hand, aviation – on the other.

But both columns end in the same way – with anti-aircraft guns.

In these series there are gaps with a concise and logical justification (text: “Change of exposure”).

Not all columns are already formed, some are still in the process of being drawn up – there is still enough empty space.

The same applies to a train covered by a canopy.

I think both the canopy and the path will be continued. Even there is confidence in this.

Surely in order to connect with the Nazi train,

on the platforms of which it stands as a logically expected technique,

so illogical and unexpected…

But these military vehicles side by side – fit normally into the era,

including prototypes of some fairly recent kits and conversions.

And behind these trains is the oldest territorial formation of the museum – the Alley of Military Equipment. On my first visit, eight years ago, she was already in almost the same form.

There are a lot of exhibits there, and you won’t cover everything, so I’ll just give the views from its two endings. But this is only in terms of ground equipment, because on the one hand it rests against the “airfield”.

And a few more sketches for individual exposures. Fans of extreme weathering will obviously like these prototypes,

If you like rust, but don’t like military equipment (does it really happen?), then here is a plot from civilian life

Exhibitions and other events are held on the territory of the museum on significant days, both on their own and with the involvement of like-minded people. Exhaustive measures have been taken so that the people do not starve.

In a small museum, you can shoot all the exhibits and show you, in such a huge one – it’s simply impossible. So there is only one way out – come and see for yourself. For those who are confused in my wanderings around the territory – a diagram to help.

After many hours of being in the museum, I am leaving it once again in order to visit it again in the near future!

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