Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Summer 2023.

I continued the tradition of annually visiting the museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. By car – 350 km there, a few hours in the museum, 350 km back the same day: a typical day for a Russian pensioner.

Walking from the entrance, you pass half a dozen pavilions. Some are open, some are still closed. The latter includes Pavilion No. 6: it is still closed to the public, but through the glass one can see the preparations in progress.

But they opened Pavilion No. 2 dedicated to engine building: from the Zaporozhyt engine to the Migov engine – all in one exhibition.

Including tanks for Armata and T-80, as well as for VAZ and BelAZ, plus from General Morors and Continental Motors.

By the way, significant attendance with representation of all gender and age categories of the population.

The heavy equipment exhibits have finally been put in order.

It was cool to watch their metamorphoses: from a semi-metallic state to such handsome men!

On the left are photos from last year.

It was particularly interesting with the bulldozer,

which, after going through a series of transformations, turned into…

but no – it remained a bulldozer.

For the especially lazy people and children, a train was launched around the territory.

BelAZ was decorated with garlands, but I won’t stay here until nightfall, so I won’t see or show it.

Particularly significant changes took place at the aircraft deployment site. The An-12 acquired engines.

And next to the Wings of Victory pavilion they placed an Il-14M with square portholes.

Slowly bringing order to the aviation site

Aerial vehicles such as drones and cruise missiles appeared en masse.

Two armored vehicles stand out with their fresh paint.

Probably parade participants. It’s time for many of the exhibits to get a makeover.

And this process goes on continuously. In previous years, steam locomotives and armored cars on the railway were updated, but this year we got to the armored train.

And it looks like they are planning to repaint the boats. At first I decided that they had already repainted and removed the fence, but judging by the old photographs they were like that last year. This means that they will soon become different.

In the old part of the territory there are no special changes.

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