Kubinka. № 3 Light and amphibious tanks and APC…

There are no surprises here: what is the name of the pavilion “Light and amphibious tanks and armored personnel carriers. Tanks of the Kharkov plant. Airborne armored vehicles” – so it seems to be.

Main publication:

Kubinka. Introduction.

I won’t sort them as in the name of the pavilion, but first we’ll look from the right side, we’ll get to the end, turn around and continue – again from the right side.

Let’s turn around and take in all this splendor

and back, head to the right.

I walked around my favorite T-27 wedge, cutting circles like around a Christmas tree.

We passed another hangar – incredibly interesting, a little sad that everything is already behind us and we want to run on, because there is still a lot of interesting things waiting there.

And I almost tripped on the way out!

Why did they put him here? He’s completely car-like!

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