Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Museum of Military Equipment

In addition to the street exposition, access to which is free, there are also pavilions. You have to buy a separate ticket for each pavilion, which is convenient on the one hand – where you want, you bought there, and on the other – you want to go everywhere!

The first and main one for me is the Museum of Military Equipment: three floors of enjoyment!


By tradition, I admired the line of Soviet armored vehicles

Including BA-27, which we were promised soon in resin (flooded the floor with saliva)

Once again I refreshed in my memory the line of heroes of my kitographies “Small Soviet tracked armored vehicles” and “Soviet light tank T-26” “- they are all here

It seems like there were no snowmobiles before

Drew attention to the attempt of museum workers to “revive” the exhibits


With great surprise, I discovered another, small, hall

with a thematic hodgepodge of exhibits


on the right – the Germans, on the left – American half-tracks, straight ahead – rocket artillery on imported chassis, and behind a pair of Kubelwagens “hid” in a state before and after restoration


I asked the museum workers – yes, a really fresh annex. Of course, to the full height of the building, the rest of the floors will be opened a little later. Well a good reason to visit again.


To be continued …

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