Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Wings of Victory

If I have been to the previous pavilions before, then I have never been to the new one under the intriguing title “Wings of Victory”.

Although in the previous visit, the structure itself was already an eyesore and aroused interest. Tickets for it are sold separately, but not in it, but in other pavilions.

After checking the ticket, at the entrance I was told that the review should start from the 4th floor. I was a little surprised at this circumstance, because I got used to it on the contrary, but I obeyed. And now I go out onto the landing of the fourth floor … and my dear mother!

Shock, delight and squeal! I have not experienced such a strong shock since I got out into the world!

Going down to the third floor, you just get directly into this action. Here is the preparation for the flights of Soviet pilots


And on the other side of the front, “theirs” returned

Покрышкин навечно за штурвалом своей Аэрокобры

I wandered there for a very decent time.
Going down to the 2nd floor, I wondered if museum workers could surprise me after THIS!
They could do it!


I must say that my camera is not of a very high quality, therefore there are not many normal photographs. Plus there are very specific lighting conditions: darkness and thick shadow alternate with blinding spotlights. But the main reason was that I had no time for photographing there.


To be continued …



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