Trumpeter 05586 Soviet JS-7 Heavy Tank.

A good-quality, not a small box with a dedicated compartment for body parts.

Plastic, traditional for the manufacturer, in color and texture (I personally like it).
In the box we have upper hull as a separate part.

Similar to the lower hull

Accordingly, a separate piece of the top of the turret

and its lower

Two identical Frames A

A couple of close-ups

Four Frames B

Rollers more details

Frames C and D are given on one huge frame

Something close-up

Interestingly, Trumpeter began to give cylindrical elements – in one piece at once

One Frame E

with a very openwork headlight protection grille

and the anti-aircraft machine gun is given in detail .

No need to drill barrel

Two frames T with tracks

in combination, individual tracks and straight segments

It turns out that you can’t make an artistic sag.
Frame GP with transparent parts.

One small etching frame

and plus a cable.

There is also a decal

Instruction book in A4 format on 12 pages

Color scheme

And traditional advertising. I cite only because they advertise this product

With body parts in hand, it would be foolish not to try them on. The upper and lower hulls are well connected.

But the turret are a little worse: the spherical top has lost its shape a little, and it’s plastic, so it’s not very good.

But when assembling, there should be no problems. Plus, the bottom part rises flush, forming a flat horizontal platform, so that you can safely putty if necessary.
It goes without saying that I could not resist and put everything together.

Straight Mars rover of some kind. What attracted me.

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