Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Parade Crew

And here’s another stranger: the “Parade Crew” pavilion.

If the previous pavilion was completely “terra incognito” for me, then there were some guesses about this. And in appearance it is strictly one-story. But, having stumbled right opposite the entrance to the huge T-35, I was slightly dumbfounded.

At least because there is already one on the street

I don’t think he was overtaken while I was admiring airplanes. And everything is very simple: on the street there is an exhibition copy, but here it is a real one. Like all equipment in this pavilion, or rather a hangar. To the horizon one way

and to the horizon in the other direction

the participants of the annual parades are located, the last of which I talked about.

The place is a storehouse of knowledge for modelers. All of us “dirty” (“weathering” is called cleverly) our models of WWII times proceed from life experience, old black-and-white photographs of low quality and works of predecessors. And here is the LIVE exhaust of the T-34 and its dirty tracks

Do you like to draw rusty rain shoots on a military vehicle with rivets? Here is the original

Controversies over the color and appearance of real tracks would benefit from a visit. The equipment after the run has been standing since May, I was at the end of September. See for yourself

Not everything is completely authentic. Heavy tracked vehicles are additionally shod – the asphalt must be protected.

But even in this one can find inspiration: who is there who glues the Shermans with virgin pillows on the tracks?

If you walk around the hangar clockwise, then at the end of the review you come across such a surprise: the only non-running exhibit

and you are already starting to cut circles around him

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