Barrel set for JS-7 (MagicModels)

Briefly about the set of barrels for the IS-7 from the Russian manufacturer MagicModels, namely the product MM3593 IS-7 Set

Content matches specificatio/

PKVT barrels look sleeker than their plastic competitors.

Likewise the cannon barrel

I didn’t measure the rest, but it’s understandable.

The muzzle brake did not fit right away

I had to rustle with a file. At first I thought: “Not good”, and then I decided that a couple of minutes of sawing is better than being too loose.

Of course, the metal brake looks more metallic than the plastic brake in terms of the sharper edges,

but then the question was born: “What are the two options given by the manufacturer?” Yes, two 130 mm guns were put on the tank at different times: S-26 (for the first two) and S-70A (for the rest). Actually, both of them are modernization of the same thing – “… 130-mm S-70 naval rifled gun designed by V.G. Grabin (NII-58 of the Ministry of Armament) …”. Now the question is: which of them is who? I guess the shorter brake is an early option.
But the riddles did not end there. Here you can clearly see the fundamental difference between (I’ll just call it) the muzzle brake pad.

In general outlines (like, well, sooo from afar) there are similarities, but not close. There are very few photos of this tank on the network, which is not surprising, because it is alone in Kubinka, and even there it does not completely enter the frame and most of the photos look like this without the details of interest.

By the way, Voyager gives both options in metal

I had to go to Kubinka myself (I have a tradition – to make myself gifts for my birthday: a visit to the tank museum), although it’s not close to see.

It turns out that the plastic is given incorrectly, and all the metal (Magic Models and Voyager) is correct, well, or almost.

PS Based on the results of the trip, I posted a small photo review on Disch.

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