Vladivostok fortress

Almost in the center of Vladivostok, on the very shore of the Amur Bay, a very interesting institution was hidden, under the name “Museum” Vladivostok Fortress “

The stairwell is guarded by an exotic (for me) deck tower installation

which is supported by a 57-mm anti-aircraft double-barreled gun

and some more guns

holding at gunpoint this most cultural center of the city and the surrounding water area.

The main part of the street exposition is related to the unfamiliar maritime theme for me.


But there are enough familiar, land-based weapons,

and over a fairly wide time range.

Although, of course, the nautical theme is the main one


which leaves an imprint not only on the exposition, but also on the common areas

The attitude towards the exhibits is the most democratic, as evidenced by that sign

For those who have not considered – I will increase.

Text: “Attention! Do not hang on trunks! The trunks do not collide with each other!”

Well, where is the classic “Do not touch the exhibits with your hands!”?

It was, so to speak, the rear, lower platform. And on the upper front platform it meets a forest of trunks


And rockets dear to my heart. And if this product is familiar to me from my student years,

then here are all sorts of ship cruise missiles


and not very cruise missiles

became a revelation for me.

I just admired them


Of course, the marine theme could not do without torpedoes


and… torpedo rockets… or rocket torpedoes??!!

And on these very sites we walked around the fortress


It would be necessary to consider it from above, but there is no quadcopter, and they would not have allowed it to be launched. But you can go inside

In the ennobled casemates, a rich exposition was placed, devoted mainly to the period of the creation of this fortress

Although almost military modernity found a place

[yamap center=”43.1222,131.8767″ height=”22rem” controls=”typeSelector;zoomControl” zoom=”17″ type=”yandex#map” scrollzoom=”0″ mobiledrag=”0″][/yamap]

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