Space Samara Museum

Even on a previous visit to Samara, a rocket sticking out in the middle of the city attracted attention.

It turned out that this was not just a rocket, but the Space Samara Museum. And yes, the rocket is its main exhibit.

And this is not a model, but a real rocket.
At the entrance on the right hand – a hefty stand with toggle switches and light bulbs.

I have an idea about the structure of the rocket, so I did not click the remote control.

But the layout of our lunar rocket interested me.


earlier or did not come across, or I unreasonably did not pay attention.

You can see in detail the rocket engine NK-33 from it

and combustion chambers of RD-111 and RD-180 engines


The stencil of the palm on the exhibit means that you can touch it. What I took advantage of.

Looked a little at the descent vehicles. According to assurances, these are not mock-ups, but the most original ones. True, they did not let people down, but all sorts of photographic materials.


The central place of the museum is occupied by a spacesuit. He is real and has been in space.

And here on it the only palm is crossed out, i.e. cannot be touched.

Well, there is also a stand with space food.

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