Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Spring 2022. Removing white spots

In my first review of the museum (Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Autumn 2021.), I spoke rather superficially about the open exhibition, mainly about my favorite armored vehicles, for the purpose of first acquaintance. I left entire layers of exhibits outside the scope of the narrative, and they deserve at least a mention.

The oldest aircraft composition

obscured by a commercially profitable go-kart track. And the seaplane included in it remains, in my opinion, in the status of the first model. Surely everyone had one – crookedly assembled, painted with a brush, proudly demonstrated to their mother (wife) with approval and standing in the far corner for years – out of sight in wretchedness, but causing nostalgia

and pride in the excellence now achieved, personified, in this case, by soaring jet fighters.

And I didn’t tell you that there are two more aircraft in front of the Wings of Victory pavilion

During the previous visit, the railway component was unavailable, so I will briefly mention it.

That’s exactly how the railroad exposition it doesn’t enter the top level

But like a military railway, here ahead of all competitors

These exhibits have their copies in 1/35 scale

These can be easily converted to these options when using the aftermarket


It is simply not possible to tell in full and in full about the museum. Here is a row of armored personnel carriers going into the distance.

Here’s a real cannon alley

Someone was wondering about the right shade of green paint on tanks recently. Here is a palette for you to choose from.

And here is the answer to the eternal question: “What is the difference a between the T-54 and T-55?”

And as always, I left behind the naval theme

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