Resin for Churchill ARK Mk I (Resicast)

A long time ago, traveling through the Internet, I saw such a curiosity that interested me very much. Later I found and read about the whole doubt of such machines, bearing the name “toys” of Hobart based on the Churchills, Grands and Shermans. A search engine by name will give you comprehensive information.

The manufacturer of the corresponding add-on was also found – the Belgian company Resicast with the product 35.1204 “Churchill ARK Mk I Conversion for AFV Club Churchill”. As the name implies, the conversion is intended for AFV Club products, although, in my opinion, it can be successfully implemented for any manufacturer.

The product itself is straightforward and can be made by yourself.

There are no special complaints about the resin. There are no openwork details, and the prototype was not manufactured in the factory. I liked the fastening of the parts to the sprues: everything came off without breakage. At first I sawed off, and then I just began to cut it off with a knife. The kit allows you to make two modifications: with a short rear gangway (early) and long (late). Accordingly, a set of parts for one of them remains.
Some parts of the original kit are subject to replacement, but this is at the discretion of the collector. You can fix the plastic parts yourself.
The instruction is typical for this manufacturer – a set of non-color photographs with brief comments and explanations. The first page lists the step numbers for the original kit instructions to be skipped or filled with resin. The only thing they give the width of the tank is 81 mm, and my model turned out to be 79.8 mm, so I decided to glue the racks at the end.

The manufacturer recommends buying a set for early tracks of its own production, which was done. Everything is simple here. The details are given end-to-end, which excited and required more care when separating the parts. The tracks fit well (single tracks can generally be made mobile) and require minimal processing.

As a result, we have such a structure, on which we still have to work and work.

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