Russian BRDM-2 (Early) from Trumpeter

I decided to post a review of the BRDM-2 (early) Trumpeter 05511 Russian BRDM-2 (EARLY) model. 2012 edition set.

The set comes in a beautiful and durable box. For body parts, a separate section is allocated with cardboard. Everything is in polyethylene, i.e. classic.


Light gray plastic. No flashings, underfilling or other factory defects were found, but this does not mean that they will not appear during the construction process.
The halves of the case are given separately. Judging by the presence of any extra holes (I first repaired them, and then decided to review them), the manufacturer planned to use these parts for other versions without any special alterations. Especially looked at the review for the “late” version – there is another upper detail.

Frame A is given in duplicate. Photos of frames on blue may not be the height of perfection, but on a white or light background, light gray details cannot be seen at all. I give the photo from both sides – all the traces from the pushers are presented.

Frame B

Frame C

Frame E

Frame F

Frame G

Separate board for transparent parts. No matter how hard I was, I still can’t get good photos of transparent details. It was a bad idea to mold the wipers along with the windshields.


There are many different wheels. There are no inscriptions, the protector looks similar at first sight.


and a small set of decals.

In order to ensure the mobility of the wheels, the manufacturer has provided bushings. And he attached some semblance of a cable and a rope.
The manual is already 16 pages long. Classic, detailed, most likely with individual errors (this is also a classic).


Color chart on glossy paper with color numbers for most popular manufacturers. Of the decals in the drawings, only the guards sign was used.

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